Always open

Block 2, Activity 1: Set up technology

openThe module races on and we are now starting Block 2 ‘Open Education’. Working at the OU means that I  am aware of lots of work being undertaken by colleagues to further open up education to the benefit of many. I am also aware it is not a straightforward ambition to fulfill and reading Martin Weller’s The Battle for Open has helped me understand some of the tensions over ownership, definition, and measures of success. In terms of direct experience of open education I have benefited form studying some MOOCs via Coursera and FutureLearn. I am also a big fan of OpenLearn which brings together lots of free learning resources, often in the context of a recent OU/BBC TV production. The aspect of OERs that I am not so familiar with is thinking about reversioning and reuse. I have enjoyed the benefit of this when it has been done by others, but I’ve not  reversioned materials myself. I am also new to open badges – although aware of the Mozilla Foundation and the basic ideas behind the concept. So, an interesting few weeks of study ahead and hopefully a deepening of my knowledge of the issues at play in open education




One thought on “Always open

  1. spiro602

    I love OpenLearn too and am amazed and the free stuff that is available but I have been wondering about the OU as open in the more general sense considered in the course material – i.e. open to anyone. I have some disquiet about this – I see too many students signing up for courses and presumably paying for these when really they never stood a chance of passing for a whole range of reasons. I have blogged about this and wondered if maybe OpenLearn could be used to guide students, get them to engage with an OU course, see what study is like, how it can impact on your life etc. I know we can’t force people to do this but promoting it more heavily as a ‘give it a go’ tool may be beneficial.

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