How does it look to me?

Block 2, Activity 3 Representing open education

This task asked students to read or view some trigger material about open education and from this create a visual representation of current issues.

I used a resource from OpenLearn to look at how to draw Rich Pictures. I am not gifted with great creative talents but rich pictures allow anyone to draw how they view and reflect upon a particular topic or event.  I then drew my rich picture by hand, took a photo and uploaded it here:

20160321_205720-1 (1)


I went a little bit off task but enjoyed the process!



One thought on “How does it look to me?

  1. John Small

    Wish I’d known about Rich Pictures before I set out on my 15 hours of PowerPoint misery
    Thanks for putting up the link.
    Nice Rich Picture- I like the mortar boards on the students



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