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Dry January or perhaps not

Berger & Wyse: dry January Block 1 Activity 3 – setting up your blog

Well, I love the fact you can set up a blog in about thirty seconds and I’m of age where I am unduly impressed by impressive graphics and pictures that just appear. However, I’m always a little bit stuck about what to write! There is tension between having lots of ideas all the time but thinking “is this any good?” Anxiety levels rise and I content myself with a re-tweet or two (@RDL7), such as this Berger & Wise cartoon from the Guardian. What I did discover studying a previous MAODE module (H800) is that lots of people feel the same way (about blogging, but probably about Berger & Wise too).

Kerawalla et al (2008) proposed five different types of student blogging behaviour:

“(1) Blogging avoidance, (2) Resource network building, (3) Support network building, (4) Self-sufficient blogging, (5) Anxious, self-conscious blogging just to complete the suggested course activities”  (p24)

I guess I started at blogging avoidance, I am currently engaging in number five but hoping that working with student colleagues on H817 I’ll move towards support networking building.