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Learning to value the long tail

Block 1 Activity 4: the long tail

It was interesting to read the Seely Brown and Adler (2008), ‘Minds on fire: open education, the long tail and learning 2.0’ to set the background for both open source software, developments in ways of working – I really like the idea of legitimate peripheral participation – and to read about  the early projects aimed at learning in different ways. The long tail is such a useful concept too in thinking about what happens to all these courses/podcasts/videos and links that people put out there.

I took a look at the Hands on Universe project, whose mission is to ‘train teachers onImage result for hands on universe astronomy the use of modern tools and resources for science education and engage students in international scientific projects’. The website is impressive and sets out fairly clearly the different areas of activity the project is involved with including training teachers how to engage and motivate students in astronomy, software products and access to telescopes. Interesting to see that since the project started that his helped established many HOU partners throughout the world; utilising the web to establish a distributed network but also to share the learning and software resources. A quick google scholar search revealed a few articles have been written citing the methodology used in the project to discuss ideas about how children can learn through project based work e.g Anthony J. Petrosino (2004) Integrating Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Project-Based Instruction: A Case Study of an Experienced Teacher